It is very important that once you have been issued your UK Study Visa that you arrive in time for enrolment.

Enrolment is compulsory and occurs prior to your classes starting. LBIC is conveniently situated just a short taxi-ride away from London Heathrow airport and LBIC operates an airport-pickup service to makes your arrival and transition to life in the UK as smooth as possible.

Airport Pickup Services

Once you have received your UK Study Visa and have booked your flight to London, please complete the online form below to arrange your transfer to LBIC/student accommodation (depending on arrival time).

Free airport pick-up service (Sunday 8th September 2019, London Heathrow airport)

If your flight is arriving at Heathrow airport on Sunday 8th September 2019, LBIC will be providing a free airport pick-up service between the hours of 10:00 to 16:00. An LBIC staff member will be at Heathrow to greet you and help you make your way to the university.

If you would like to book this free pick-up service please complete the below form.

Please note the free pick-up service will not be available after 16:00 on Sunday 8th September 2019, so therefore you will need to book the Standard Taxi Service.

Standard Taxi Service

The cost of the standard taxi service is around £25 and is charged to your LBIC account. This is a non-refundable charge can be settled during enrolment. Please note that this charge may increase if there is a long waiting period for the taxi driver.

If you would like to book this pick-up service please complete the below form.

The below form is for both the taxi services.



LBIC Airport Taxi Pickup Form

Student Details

Arrival Details

Please be aware that we must receive your online form at least 2 working days prior to your arrival to guarantee airport pickup. By submitting this form, you are happy for LIBC to release the above information to the relevant taxi company.